Error Handling

⚠️ API error responses that require effective troubleshooting.

Response Codes

We utilize HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure, as stated below:

Status CodeDescription
200 - ✅ SuccessA successful request.
400 - ❌ Bad RequestThe request has failed due to a client error.
401 - ❌ UnauthorizedThe API Key credentials are invalid or missing.
403 - ❌ ForbiddenYou are not authorized to carry out the requested action.
404 - ❌ Not FoundThe requested resource can't be found.
500 - ❌ Internal Server ErrorThe web server is encountering issues.

Troubleshoot Options

Below are our recommendations on how to handle errors:

400 - Bad Request

💣 Cause: This error arises from invalid syntax or a missing required parameter.

🛠 Suggestion: Double-check the request you have entered to ensure it complies with the requirements.

401 - Unauthorized

💣 Cause: This error will occur when attempting to make an API call with incorrect API credentials.

🛠 Suggestion: Verify your access token, or renew the API key if needed.

403 - Forbidden

💣 Cause: This error will occur when access to the requested page is prohibited.

🛠 Suggestion: Verify the URL and ensure you have entered the web page's correct file name and extension.

404 - Not Found

💣 Cause: This error arises either because of an incorrect URL provided or because the requested ID is not linked to any transactions.

🛠 Suggestion: Ensure you use the accurate URL, and review the API documentation meticulously to check for any typos.

500 - Internal Server Error

💣 Cause: This error will occur when customGPT experiences an internal system error.

🛠 Suggestion: You may attempt the operation again later. If this error persists, please contact our support page.