API Keys and Authentication

To start using CustomGPT's API, authentication via API keys is essential.

How to Generate Your API Key

Generating your API key is the first step towards unlocking the full potential of CustomGPT and AI for you and your knowledge base. To generate your first API key, log in to our platform and navigate to My Profile, which is reachable by clicking the top right circle on the CustomGPT app page and selecting My Profile.

For help logging in or creating your account, visit our guides.

From there, select the API tab, where you will find a Create API Key button at the bottom of the page.



Take note of your API key during the generation process, as it will be hidden once you leave the page.

Additionally, make sure to keep your API key private to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches!

Why Use API Keys?

API keys are vital for ensuring that only authorized users can access our services, providing a secure way to authenticate and monitor interactions with our API. By using API keys, we can efficiently manage and control access, enabling us to offer each user a more personalized and secure experience. Additionally, API keys help in tracking usage patterns, which assists in optimizing and improving our services.

Best Practices

To maximize the security of your API interactions, here are some best practices:

  • Secure Transmission: Always ensure that API keys are transmitted over HTTPS to safeguard against interception.
  • Permission Limitation: Use API keys with minimal permissions necessary for the tasks at hand to minimize potential risks.
  • Key Management: Regularly update and promptly deactivate old or compromised API keys.
  • Usage Monitoring: Keep an eye on API key usage to quickly identify and respond to any unusual activity.
  • Safe Storage: Avoid embedding API keys directly in your code. Instead, store them in secure, server-side environments or configuration files that are excluded from version control systems.