📚 Definitions of technical terms for a better understanding of customGPT.


An API key is a unique code generated by an API that provides authorized access to its features and helps to track and manage API usage, enforce access controls, and monitor API traffic. Get the API Key for the customGPT by following the QuickStart Guide here.


CustomGPT's dashboard visually represents key performance indicators and other important data that allows users to monitor and analyze their website's performance and metrics in real time.


A project is a single AI-powered chatbot trained on your data and available in the subscription plans, with the basic plan allowing for the creation of 3 chatbots. In contrast, the higher pricing plans offer support for more custom chatbots, enabling customers to create separate chatbots for their website content and support documents for internal use.

Project ID

A Project ID is a unique identifier assigned to a specific project that enables access to project-specific resources and services.

Private Mode

This mode allows users to use the bot for internal use in private mode via the dashboard.

Public Mode

This mode embeds the CustomGPT chatbot on the website for customers and employees to engage with employees, clients, or friends.

Protected Mode

This mode permits sharing with team members and employees for auditing trails and controlled usage.


This specifies the path of the sitemap for a particular project.

White-Label Customization

White-label customizes your CustomGPT chatbot to create a branded experience for the customers and employees with the desired settings. It can customize the logo, background color, or image to align with the brand’s visual identity. You can also customize the Chatbot language and default source the Chatbot uses to respond.

XML sitemap

An XML sitemap is a structured file that contains all the URLs of a website along with information on the frequency of changes and priority of each page. customGPT uses the website XML sitemap to search engines to improve the crawling and indexing of a website in creating a customized chatbot.