White Labelling

🏷️ Follow these steps to remove the "Powered by Custom GPT" branding

Step 1: Access Project Settings

a) Log in to your CustomGPT account: Visit https://app.customgpt.ai/

b) Open Project Settings: Click on the "Project Settings" option.

Step 2: Go to Chatbot Section

a) Inside Project Settings: From the settings menu, click on "Chatbot".

b) Under the Chatbot section, click on "Conversation Settings."

Step 3: Access Branding Options

Locate Branding: Click on the Branding option

Step 4: Disable "Powered by Custom GPT"

a) Find "Powered by Custom GPT”.

b) Choose the "No branding" option.

Step 5: Save Changes

Save your changes.

Step 6: Check Your Chatbot Interface

Once the changes are saved, you can preview your chatbot interface to ensure that "Powered by Custom GPT" is no longer displayed.

Congratulations! You have now removed the "Powered by Custom GPT" branding from your chatbot.