How To Activate The OCR Feature (Premium Plans)

This guide will teach you how to activate the OCR feature

Step 1: Sign in

a) Sign in to

Step 2: Access Project Settings

a) Click on the "Project Settings" option.

Step 3: Access the Data Settings

a) Click on "Data".

b) Click on "Upload".

Step 4: Upload your Scanned documents or images:

a) On the "Documents" section, click in the middle of the box to upload your scanned documents or images.

Step 5: Enable OCR (Premium plans only)

a) At the bottom of the page, look for the "OCR" feature.

b) If you have a premium plan, you will have the option to toggle the OCR feature to "ON." Enabling this feature activates the OCR functionality for your uploaded data.

Step 6: Submit your documents

a) Click on "Add Files".


Congratulations! You have successfully activated the OCR feature. Your account is now configured to process data using OCR technology. โœ”