SSO Setup with Okta

Learn how to add to your Okta through your identity provider settings. Follow our step-by-step guide for a seamless setup.

Enable SSO

Go to Applications, click on "Create App Integration".

Create App Integration

Check SAML 2 and click Next.

Check SAML 2

Fill App name and click Next.

Fill form as on screenshot where (1) and (2) are ACS and EntityID values from CustomGPT SSO page, for (3) you should select EmailAddress, for (4) you should select Email, for (5) you should use values email, Unspecified and, and for (6) you should use values firstName, Unspecified, user.firstName.

Click Next and than Finish.

Copy metadata URL and paste it to SSO page in CustomGPT, than click Load SAML2 Configuration

Copy metadata URL

Go to Assignments Tab and Assign users from your IdP to your new Application.

Enable SCIM

Enable SCIM integration in CustomGPT on SSO Settings page.

Go to "General tab"in your Okta app, click on Edit and Enable SCIM

enable SCIM

Go to Provisioning tab and fill form with these values, like on the screenshot:

Then paste your CustomGPT API token in Bearer field. Click on Test connection, if everything fine click on Save.

CustomGPT API token

After form saved click on Edit and check Create, Update and Deactivate users. Than click on "Save".


Go to Assignments Tab and Assign users from your IdP to your new Application

assignments tab


Congratulations! You have successfully enabled SSO