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πŸ“š Subscribe to your account to create your first ever AI Agent!

To begin a project on your account, it is essential to set up your account and subscribe in order to create your very first AI Agent.

To complete the subscription process, please follow the steps provided below:

  1. Navigate to your CustomGPT dashboard and Log in.



If you do not have a CustomGPT dashboard account, please see the instructions on how to create one.

  1. Upon logging into your account, you will see your Dashboard.
  1. On your dashboard, Click Create Project button on the top-right side of your screen.

  1. Within the appearing pop-up, choose the "Pricing Plan" that suits your needs.

  1. Fill in all the required fields for the subscription.
CardThe details of your credit card.
CouponCustomGPT coupon that you may have.
CountryThe country where you live.
AddressThe address where you live right now.
Address Line 2The address where you live right now.
CityThe city where you live.
State/CountryThe country where you live.
Zip/Postal CodeThe zip postal of your address.
Extra Billing InformationAdditional information such as specific contacts or tax information for your receipts.

  1. Click Subscribe to confirm the new subscription.


Congratulations on successfully onboarding to CustomGPT! βœ…