How to Create Custom Roles in Custom GPT Dashboard

Follow our quick guide to efficiently create and manage custom roles on your CustomGPT Dashboard, ensuring tailored access and responsibilities for your team.

Step 1: Sign In

Sign in to your CustomGPT Dashboard.

Sign In

Step 2: Access Your Profile

Click on your user icon located at the top right corner of the dashboard, then select "Teams" from the dropdown menu.


Step 3: Navigate to Roles

Locate and click on the "Roles tab" available in the top menu bar of your team settings.


Step 4: Create Custom Role

Click on Create Custom Role to start defining a new role within your team.

Custom Role

Step 5: Define Role Name and Description

Enter a "Role Name" and provide a detailed "Role Description" that outlines the responsibilities and scope of the role.

Step 6: Set Permissions

"Click on Expand" to view and allow specific permissions for the role. Can Read/Create/Update/Delete in account - Check these options to grant full access to manage the account.

Configure the permissions as follows:

Permissions to Read: Allow users to

  • View Project Stats
  • View Project Logs
  • Read Project Settings
  • View Project Source
  • View Subscription
  • Read Team Conversations
  • Read Anonymous Conversations
  • Export Conversations

Permissions to Create: Allow users to

  • Add Team Members
  • Create Projects
  • Create Project Source
  • Create Conversations

Permissions to Update: Allow users to

  • Update Team Members
  • Update Project Settings
  • Update Project Source
  • Update Team Conversations
  • Update Anonymous Conversations

Permissions to Delete: Allow users to

  • Delete Team Members
  • Delete Projects
  • Delete Project Source
  • Delete Team Conversations
  • Delete Anonymous Conversations

b) After setting the desired permissions, click on "Create Role" to finalize the creation of the custom role.

Create team role

Step 7: View and Manage Roles

You can view your newly created role in the "Roles Tab" and make updates as necessary.


Congratulations! You have successfully created a custom role in your CustomGPT dashboard. This role is now equipped with comprehensive permissions, providing tailored control over the account to meet your team’s operational needs.