How to Embed your AI Agent on

This guide will teach you how to embed your AI Agent on

Step 1: Get your Share Link

a) To get your Share Link, follow this guide:

Step 2: Create an Iframe


(Technical note: does not allow Javascript, so you will need to use the iframe option).

a) Paste your Share Link in the designated area of your Iframe code.

Step 3: Access to Readme

a) Sign in to

b) Select your project from the "Your Projects" section.

Step 4: Access Your Landing Page

a) Click on "Landing Page".

b) Under "Body", locate the "Custom HTML" section.

c) Inside the code section, paste your Iframe code at the bottom of the page before the element.

d) Click on "Save".

Step 5: Check the Results

a) Visit the main page of your Readme to see your AI Agent in action.


Congratulations! You've successfully embedded your AI Agent on This integration allows you to engage with website visitors and enhance their user experience by offering dynamic interactions βœ”