How to Use the CustomGPT AI Agent

πŸ“’ Provides assistance, information, or advice on any topic or question you may have related to the project.

"Ask Me Anything" serves as a way to tap into the expertise and knowledge of How to use CustomGPT AI Agent offering assistance for using the CustomGPT API. By encouraging open-ended inquiries, "Ask Me Anything" provides an opportunity to address specific concerns, clarify doubts, explore various subjects, or engage in meaningful conversations and provides comprehensive support with a platform for dialogue, fostering a collaborative and helpful environment between the "customer" and "CustomGPT".

  1. To access the "Ask me Anything Page", simply click on the "Dashboard" option and then select "Ask Me Anything."
  1. Selection of "Ask Me Anything" leads to the"CustomGPT demo/ Ask me anything" menu displayed underneath.
  1. Select the "New Conversation" option to initiate the "CustomGPT demo/ Ask me anything" process.
  1. Once you select "New Conversation," a new popup will emerge, presenting a box where you can freely ask any question or query you desire.
  1. The "Ask Me Anything" feature showcases the Definition of Food Choices along with the source.


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