How to Embed Your Live Chat on Wordpress

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to embed your Live Chat on Wordpress.


It might not work if you are on a Wordpress Personal or Premium plan. However, it will work with Plugin-enabled plans (Business and Commerce).

Step 1: Access your Wordpress

a) Login to <>.

Step 2: Adding an embed

a) Click on "Pages".

b) Click on the page you want your ChatBot, or click on "Add new page".

Step 3: Setting up an embed

a) Click on the "+" icon.

b) Search for "Custom HTML".

c) Click on "Custom HTML".

d) Paste your Code inside the HTML block. To find the code of your Live Chat, follow this guide:

Step 4: Save Changes

a) Click on "Update".

Step 5: Check the result

a) Click on the "View Page" icon.


Congratulations! You have successfully embedded your Live Chat on Wordpress. This accomplishment will greatly enhance user engagement and support on your website βœ”