How to Build Your Sitemap From URLs

This guide will teach you how to go from a list of URLs to a sitemap that is ready to upload to train your CustomGPT project.

What is a sitemap?

Imagine a website as a big city with many streets and buildings. A sitemap is like a map that shows all the streets and locations in the city, but for a website. It helps visitors and search engines find their way around by listing all the different pages and sections of the website, making it easier to navigate and explore. This will allow us to extract all the information you want to use to train your custom chatbot.

Step 1: Create a list of URLs

Create your list of URLs. We will extract the information located at these URLs and use the info to train your chatbot.

Step 2: Generate your sitemap using CustomGPT tool

Copy-paste your list of URLs into our sitemap generator tool and click "Generate Sitemap"

Step 3: Add your new sitemap to Data section

Your sitemap is now ready to use. You can either use it to start a brand new project or add it to an existing project.

What’s Next