How to Activate Citations for Your Chatbot

Citations are a crucial feature to ensure that your ChatBot provides accurate and reliable information. By enabling citations, you can enhance the credibility of your chatbot's responses. Follow these simple steps to activate citations for your chatbot.

Step 1: Sign in

a) Sign in to

Step 2: Navigate to Project Settings

a) Click on "Project Settings"

Step 3: Go to Chatbot Settings

a) Click on "Chatbot".

Step 4: Configure Conversation Settings

a) Click on "Conversation Settings".

Step 5: Enable Citations

a) You'll see an option labeled "Citations."

b) Toggle the switch to "Enabled" to activate citations.

Step 6: Choose Citation Views

a) You have three options: "User-Initiated", "Always Show" and "Always Hide."

b) Select the preferred option based on your ChatBot's design and purpose. "User-Initiated" will only show citations when the user requests them, while "Always Show" will display citations automatically. Always Hide will have the Citations not showing.

Step 7: Save Changes

a) Click on "Save Changes".


Congratulations! You've successfully activated citations for your ChatBot. With this feature enabled, your chatbot will now provide citations to back up its responses, enhancing its reliability and trustworthiness โœ”