How to Add a Readme Sitemap to Your ChatBot

This Step-By-Step guide will teach you how to add a Readme Sitemap to your ChatBot.

Step 1: Sign in to Readme

a) Sign in to

Step 2: Access Your Project Settings

a) Click on your project.

Step 3: Navigate to Configuration

a) Click on "Configuration."

Step 4: Access Project Settings

a) Click on "Project Settings."

Step 5: Enable Sitemap

a) Scroll down to find the "Sitemap" section.

b) Tick the Checkbox.

c) Click on "Save".

Step 6: Obtain the Sitemap URL

a) Click on the link "sitemap.xml".

b) A new page will open, displaying your Sitemap.

c) Copy the URL of this Sitemap.

Step 7: Create Your ChatBot

a) Follow the guide provided here to create your ChatBot: Create ChatBot Guide.

Step 8: Add Your Sitemap to Your ChatBot

a) After creating your ChatBot, follow this guide to learn how to add the Sitemap URL copied from Readme, into your ChatBot: Manage ChatBot Data Guide.


Congratulations! You've successfully enabled a Sitemap for your Readme project and seamlessly integrated it into your ChatBot. This enhancement will undoubtedly improve the user experience, making interactions with your ChatBot even more informative and engaging โœ”