Website Copilot

Follow this how-to guide step-by-step to enhance your website's interactivity and user engagement.

Website Copilot Deployment

To put your a window with a AI copilot on your website, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your CustomGPT Dashboard.
  2. Under "My Projects", click on the β€œProject Settings” icon.

  1. By default, you will be redirected to the Project tab, click the Sharing tab.

  1. Click the β€œWebsite Copilot” button.

  1. Slide the Enable Website Copilot to the right to enable the embed feature. Then copy HTML script anywhere in your website's body section.

  1. Next step is to add a button that will open your Website Copilot

You can use our default button. Simply type text you want to have on a button, and copy HTML script to exact location on your page where you want button to be:

Or you can put the following attribute to any element you want to use to trigger the Website Copilot. It can be any HTML element, such as a button, link, or image.

Please note that the element's click event will be overridden by the Website Copilot.


You have successfully managed to embed the CustomGPT in your website!